Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Byrne on Bicycling and Davis in the New York Times

For those of you who are obsessed with bicycling (like me), and live in bicycling heaven Davis, CA, and occasionally look at the New York Times, you may have noticed this already. But for others who have not I want to call your attention to a book review in the New York Times this past Sunday by David Byrne Book Review - 'Pedaling Revolution - How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities,' by Jeff Mapes - Review -

Amazingly this is indeed the same David Byrne of them Talking Heads. It turns out he has a book coming out in the fall called "Bicycle Diaries." Anyway he reviews this book on the effect of bicyclists on American Cities and right there in the review are some props for my town, Davis, CA. The article is worth checking out and I will both be buying this book and awaiting Byrne's. Maybe we can have a reading here in Davis when the Bicycling Hall of Fame opens its doors.